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Need help with all of this
In its second year of operation, a local Internet providers profits were$165.500. If this amount was 526% 0, the companys first-year profits, find the first year profits (to the nearest hundred doltars). Need Help? oet 11.051 The percent ρ of the US. population with Internet access is given by 25. 344 1378 where t is the number of years past 1990.1 a) What percent of the us. population had internet access in 2010? (Round your answer to one decimal place.) (b). In what year will 93% have Internet access? Need Help? L
Let r(x) = 9 + x + x2 and h+0. (a) Is r No (b) Find x+h). O Yes O No (d) Does fx + h) Rx)+h7 Yes (e) Find Ar·01-0 and simplify
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