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Question: need help with numbers 13 and 4 please will rate...

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Analysis. Fx G search Textbook Soutions!Chr. xl + 60a/1 671 746?response-content-disposition: inline%3B%20filename%2A%3DUTF-8%27%27rea Exercises for Section 1.1 Determine the sets: a) AnBnc (b) (AnB) (c) (AnCB 2. Draw diagrams to simplify and identify the following sets: (a) AIBA) (b) AVAB) (c) An(BA) 3. If A and B are sets, show that A B if and only if An B A. 4. Prove the second De Morgan Law [Theorem 1.1.4b). 5. Prove the Distributive Laws: LI SETS AND FUNCTIONS 6. The symmetric difference of two sets A and B is the set D of all elements that belong to eith 7. For each nE N, let A..-n+ 1)k:kEN) 8, Draw diagrams in the plane of the Cartesian products A x fr the given icts A and 1. or B but not both. Represent D with a diagram. (a) Show that D (AB) U(BA) (b) Show that D is also given by D- (AUB)Ans) (a) What is A nA tb) Detenmine the sets lA,:nEN and n(A, :neN) A x I. Is this set a function? Explain,

need help with numbers 1,3, and 4 please... will rate and gives thumbs up also thanks

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