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  3. need help with q4 asap please write clearly thanks in...

Question: need help with q4 asap please write clearly thanks in...

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Need help with Q4 ASAP! Please write clearly. Thanks in advance.

L.A1-kg block B is moving with a velocity ve of magnituke r 2 m/s as it hits the 0.5.kg sphere A, which is at rest and hanging from a cord attached at O. Knowing that Ma06 between the block and the horizontal surface and e -0.8 between the block and the sphere, determine after impact (a) the maximum height h reached by the sphere (b) the distance x traveled by the block 2 An airline employee tosses two suicases, of mass 15 kg and 20 kg respectively, onto a 25 kg bagpage carrier in rapid succession. Knowing that the carrier is initially at rest and that the employee imparts a 3 m/s horizontal velocity to the 15 kg suitease and a 2 ms horizontal velocity to the 20 kg suitcase, determine the final velocity of the baggage carrier if the suitcase tosses onto the carrier is (a) the 15 kg suitcase first and the 20 kg next, (b) the 20 kg suitcase first and 15 kg next 3. Both 150 mm radius wheel roll without slipping on the horizontal surface. Knowing that the distance AD is 125 mm, the distance BE is 100 mm, and D has a velocity of 150 mm/s to the right, determine the velocity of point E 3ou 4. The 7.5-kg rod BC connects a disk centered at A to crank CD. Knowing that the disk is made to rotate at the constant speed of 180 rpm, determine for the position shown the vertical components of the forces exerted on rod BC by the pins at B and C. 30 30 (D omi 200 m

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