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  3. need help with q5 asap write clearly thanks in advance...

Question: need help with q5 asap write clearly thanks in advance...

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Need help with Q5 asap. write clearly. Thanks in advance.

1. What are the Four Industrial Revolutions? Esplain a little. (5 pts) 2. In the life cycle of a new product graph below a) label the stages of the life cycle and b) draw indicate where it would be appropriate to introduce a new product B into the market. (10 pts) 3. Why are the designs considered poor initially and then good after modification? (10 pts) Poor Good Poo 0ood Part must be released Part is located belore ia is located before release Inerion diout n Ainrelel hole Ar-reliet A-relet workplece hole in pin list on pin 4. What is: a) engineering stress and strain, b) true stress and strain, and c) Youngs Modulus. 5. What is: a) extrusion, b) drawing and how the initial drawing is made, c) the difference 6. What is powder metallurgy, its steps from beginning to the final product with a brief Also, if a wire of length Im and diameter of 0.5cm is pulled by a 100N block, what is the extension of the wire if it has a Youngs Modulus of E- 2x10 Nm2 (15 pts) between those, and d) one advantage and disadvantage of each? (10 pts) description, and the definition of net shape forming and green strength? In addition, why is the compact pressure not uniform in the figure below? (15 pts) Densily L/D 1.66

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