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Question: need help with the second part specifically...

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Need help with the second part specifically
Expert Q&A Done QUESTION L A IM DIAMETER FLOOD GATE FLACED VERTICALLY IS 4M THE WATER LEVEL AT ITS HIGHEST POENT THE GATE S HINGES AT THE TOP (A COMPUTE THt4 REQUIRED HORIZONTAL FOCI neglect the weight of the gate (1) Question 2 The pressure variation in any statie fluid is desorbed by the basic pressure Where P is the density, g is the gravitational acceleration, p is the pressure and z is messured upward For ideal gases, the equstion of state is Where R is the gas constant (R 0.287 kJkg/K for air) and T is the temperature measured in Kelvin. (a) Start from equation 1.1 with coordinate transformation, and the ideal gas law, show that the pressure variation in the atmosphere is given as: WhereRisthe gas constant for ar. aste lapse rate R 287 JKkg. subecript sesea-level Ts.(15-273K (b) Determine the pressure and density at z-2000m.
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