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In this exercise you will investigate the frequency response of an RC high-pass filter and an RC low-pass filter. You will theoretically investigate the two filters and summarize their predicted responses by creating magnitude versus frequency plots and phase versus frequency plots. You then will construct two filters and measure their actual frequency responses. Finally you will compare the actual responses to the predicted Procedure Part A. Preliminary Calculations for the filters 1. Preliminary calculations for the high-pass filter shown in Figure (a.) Write the transfer function of the filter shown in Figure 1, that is, write an expression for Vout Vin in terms of R, C and jo. out Vin Note that the transfer function of an RC high-pass filter is a complex number which can be expressed in polar form as: Where fi is defined as the lower cutoff frequency and f is the variable input frequency (b) Determine the lower cutoff frequency, ภ์ , of the high-pass filter. (Note that f is also referred to as the half-power frequency of the high-pass filter) (c.) Complete Table 1 for the high-pass filter shown in Figure 1 Figure 1 Figure 2 22 nF 8.2 k2 out in out 8.2 kn 22 nF High-pass filter Low-pass filter
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