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Question: need help with this questions thank you...

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Need help with this questions. Thank you!!

Yellowstone National Park Idaho Yellowstone National Park 4.3 6.6 10.3 12.5 13.8 Figure A2.3.1
Hotspots and Plate Motions Activity 2.3 Name: Date As a lithospheric plase moves over a hotspot in the upper mande below the plate, a volcano develops directly above the hot spot. As the plate continues to move, the vokcano drifts away from the hotspot and eventually becomes donmant. Meanwhile, a new volcano develops over the hotspot next to the older vokcano. The result is a trail of vwolcanoes with one end of the line located over the hot spot and quite active and the other end distant and inactive. In between is a succession of volcanoes that are progressively older with distance from the hot spot. A Figure 2.13 shows the distribution of the Hanwaian Islands Chain and Emperor Seamouns Chain. The numbers indicate the average age of the volcano in millions of years (Myr) obtained from botopic dating of the haaltic igneous rock of which each island is composed. I. If both the Emperor and Hawalian Islands Chains developed as a resalt of the same mantle hospot, what is a ponsible reason that the hotspot trail changes direction at -42 Myr? 2. What was the rate of Pacific Plate motion relative to the Hawaiian hotspos as it was developing the 2,300 km long Emperor Scamount Chain froas 65 Myr to 42 My? Expres the rate in centimeten per year tom/.) I when was the plate moving north-relatihe to the hotspot during that time interval was the rate of Pacific Plate motion relative to the Hawaian hotspot from 5.1 to 0.8 My expressed in cm/year 4. Using Loihi Seamount as the current location of the Hawaiian hotspot, what was the rate of Pacific Plate modiorn relative to the Hawaiian hotspot from 0.8 Myr to today, expressed in cm/yr 5. Go to the JPL NASA GPS Time Series website at htp://sideshow-jpl.nasa-gov/post/series.html. The map locates each GPS station with a green dot with a yellow line that extends outward in the direction that the GPS station is relative to the NNR reference frame. GPS station HNLC is located on Oahu. (a) How does the current motion of HNLC on Oahu compare to the direction of Pacific Plate motion relative to the Hawaian hospot over the past -42 million years? (b) GPS station HNLC on Oahu has the following component velocities relative to the NNR reference frame as of January 24, 2016: moving north at 36802 00028 cm/yr. and moving west at 62665 00080 cm/year. Use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the current speed of the Pacific Plate at Oahu, relative to the NNR reference frame. Show your work. 6.REFLECT &DISCUSS Based on all of your work above, explain how the direction and rate of Pacific Plate movement changed over the past-70 million years.
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