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Question: need help with this thermo 2 problem...

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Need help with this thermo 2 problem
Required information NOTE: This is a multi-part question. Once an answer is submitted, you will be unable to return to this part An adiabatic air compressor compresses 9.8 L/s of air at 120 kPa and 20°C to 1000 kPa and 300°C The constant pressure specific heat of air at the average temperature of 160C-433 K is 1018 kJ/kg K. The gas constant of air is R= 0.287 I MPa 120 kPa 1/s Determine the work required by the compressor. (You must provide an answer before moving on to the next part.) The work required by the compressor iskJ/kg < Prev 4 of 9 Next >
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