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Need Help with V and IV

Total volume of DCPIP in full syringes used in multiples of 5.0, 10.0, 15.0, etc. (mL) Total Volume of DCPIP used for titration (mL) Volume of DCPIP left in final syringe (mL) Ascorbic Acid Concentration (g/L) 0.00 2.22 0.11 2.10 0.50 3.0 1.00 2.4 6.1 1.50 5.8 3.4 9.3 2.00 3.23 2.9 6.10 Unknown Trial 1 2.0 Unknown Trial 2 Unknown Trial 3 3.4 2.5

V. Graph Upload a screen shot of your graph below with the following requirements: - Ascorbic Acid Concentration on the x-axis - Total volume of DCPIP on the y-axis - Title and axes titles with units linear trendline, equation of the line, and R2 shown do not include unknown trials on the graph - maximum file size is 2.0Mb Choose File No file chosen This answer has not been graded yet. Enter the slope of the line to 2 sigfigs. 4 Enter the y-intercept of the line to 2 sigfigs. 49 Enter the R2 of the line to 2 sigfigs. 4 VI. Calculations a and equation o Unknown 1: Unknown 2: 49 Unknown 3: 40

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