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Question: need help writing html code create a html document that...

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Need help writing HTML code.

Create a HTML document that contains the following. Some of the items mentioned below may not have been explicitly covered in
the lectures, but you can research them using the HTML references in the HTML lecture material.
- Display the Web-Development.jpg image file using an image element (download it from the HW2 item on Blackboard site):
o Ensure the title attribute is given an appropriate value
o Ensure the alternate text attribute is given an appropriate description
o Reduce by half the image’s height and width (original size: width: 800px; height: 496px)
- Mark up “Web Application Development” as a document title element.
- Mark up “Learning Web App Development” as a heading level 1 element.
- Mark up “Welcome to the world of Web Development. Understand the fundamentals of web development by building
simple sites from scratch, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.” as a paragraph element.
- Separate the heading from the paragraph using a horizontal rule element.
- Generate and mark up an ordered list element of the five items that make up the web development workflow

General web development workflow: 1. Create/Open web document in a text editor 2. Load web document onto browser 3. Modify document’s content in the editor, if needed 4. Reload/Refresh document in the browser 5. Commit document to the repository when satisfied
- Generate and mark up an unordered list element of client-side programming technologies that are used to build web pages
HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) • JavaScript (language of choice for implementing the client-side of the Internetbased applications) • jQuery (JavaScript library)
- Generate and mark up an ordered list of anchor elements linking to your top three technology/business sites on the
Internet (ensure the destination pages open in a new tab in the browser).
- Generate and mark up a separate heading level 2 for each ordered and unordered list described above.

Image to be used:

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