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2.4 [10] <$$2.2, 2.3> For the LEGv8 assembly instructions below, what is the corresponding C statement? Assume that the variables f, g, h, i, and j are assigned to registers XO,X1,X2,X3, and X4, respectively. Assume that the base address of the arrays A and B are in registers X6 and X7, respectively. LSL X9. XO, #3 // X9=f*8 ADD X9, x6. X9 //XY=&ALf] LSL X10. X1. #3 // X10-g*8 ADD X10, X7, X10 I/ X10-&BIg] LDUR XO. [X9. #oj // f-ALf] ADD 1 X11, X9, #8 LDUR X9, [X11, #0] ADD X9, X9, XO STUR X9, [X10, #0] 2.5 5] <SS2.2, 2.3, 2.6> For the LEGv8 assembly instructions in Exercise 2.4, rewrite the assembly code to minimize the number of LEGv8 instructions needed to carry out the same function.

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