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Need the answers as SOON as possible, due in 2 hours and 15 mins

Atlas Shrug Pty Ltd is a multinational mining company that searchers for oil around the globe. Based on an anonymous whistle-blower, it was discovered that the company’s payroll supervisor Ayn Rand had access to passwords and codes used by the Human Resources department.  Fraud examiners confirmed that Ayn took advantage of these and created multiple fake employees for which she was indirectly receiving fortnightly payments.  After extensive inquiries, you are nearing the finalisation of your investigation and preparing to interview Ayn, who up to this point has denied any involvement in the likely embezzlement.



Question 1
In your own words, briefly explain what is "norming" (i.e. "calibrating") and outline its significance when interviewing a suspected fraudster?  [3 marks]
Question 2
What are the five reactions of interviewees when dealing with a crisis? Provide a hypothetical (i.e. fictional) example of each of these reactions by describing how Ayn may react when confronted with questions.  [5 marks]



Question 3 




In your own words, briefly explain two (2) ways that you may best be able to determine whether Ayn is telling you the truth throughout the interviewing process and give an example for each.  [2 marks]
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