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Question: need the sldprt file for this...

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need the .SLDPRT file for thisPART A4-5: You may use only four steps to create this part. These steps must be in the following order: REFERENCE PLANE, LOFT, SHELL, and REVOLVE. Multiple reference planes ar needed, but must be created with a single feature. Assign the bottle glass materials properties (SOLIDWORKS Materals>Other Non- metals->Glass). Change the color to blue. Measure the mass of the bottle and report the value (to the nearest .1g) in the comments section when uploading the part to D2L.WALL THICKNESS IS CONSTANT 1MM, EXCEPT AT MOUTH OF BOTTLE 20 SECTION K-K 20 20 20 SECTION F-F 50 20 20 1RI TYP 25 13 50 SECTION E-E 75 25 35 DETAIL J SCALE 2:1 SECTION D-D

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