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Needing help with 9-12
) Which of the following was not identified in the testhook as one of the conmion tralits aud A) Lengthy attention span B) Selfstarter C) Tolerant of ambiguity D) Tenacious Page Ret 16 6) Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding entreprencurial activity and age range? A) The highest percent of business owners fall in the 30-39 age range. B) The lowest percent of business owners fall in the 60+ age rage. C) The majority of business founders have no prior work experience D) The majority of individuals who start companies are in their thirties and forties E) Entreprencurial activity is fairly evenly spread out over age ranges Page Ref: 17 7) Established firms with an entrepreneurial emphasis are proactive, innovative, and risk-taking Page Ref: 7 TRUE FALSE 8) The four main characteristics of successful entreprencurs are: passion for the business, execution intelligence, product/customer focus, and tenacity despite failure. Page Ref: 9 TRUE FALSE 9) According to the consensus of the research, some people are genetically predisposed to be entrepreneurs. Page Ref: 15 TRUE FALSE 10) Entrepreneurs are usually moderate, rather than high. risk-takers. TRUE FALSE 11) Entrepreneurs are motivated primarily by money Page Ref: l6 TRUE FALSE 12) Unfortunately, statistics show that there is very little interest in entrepreneurship among young people in the United States Page Ref: 21 TRUE FALSE
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