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Needing help with these questions
DUE JANUARY 28, 2015 ONLY ONE CORRECT ANSWE POINT PER QUESTION 1 The term window of opportunity, as discussed in Chapter 2, is a metaphor that describe the time period in which a firm can ) obtain funding or financing B) hire new employees C) complete a financial analysis D) realistically enter a new market E) write a business plar Page Ref: 43 2) Which of the following is correct regarding opportunities and ideas? A) An opportunity and an idea are essentially the same thing B) An idea almost always meets the criteria of an opportunity C) An opportunity is a thought, an impression, or a notion D) An idea is a favorable set of circumstances that creates a need business E) Its important to discern whether a particular idea meets the criteria for an opportunity Page Ref: 44 3) Which of the following is NOT an approach to identifying opportunities? A) Brainstorming ldeas 8) Observing Trends C) Solving a problem D) Finding gaps in the marketplace Page Ref: 43-44 4) A network entrepremeur is an indivsdual who identifies his or her business idea A) on their own. B) through the assistance of a puid com C) through social contacts D) with one or more partners E) through a husiness incubator og Page Ref: 57 5) Which of the following sepresentds the cornect order of the five stages of the creative process B) Insight, preparation, incubation elaboration, insight evaluation on, incubation, insight D) Incubation, evaluation, E) Incubation, evaluation, claboration anight, greparation, elaboration insight Page Ref: 57
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