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Needs to be done in (Java)
cOSC 1046 -F18-TEST 2 the following code snippets 25) (2x3 marks) Identify and correct the errors i Just haeto r public static int max (int first, int missg:.just airly brace the curds brtaco int-maximum -o-,n,→ if (first second maximum first else maximum -second → No shtement found, how to Pd an output. brace you just have to put the brt j- Trending.brtabe or, rel -lkeree, ฯ0a J b. public static int Difference (int first, int second) t int difference(first secon return difference; hasst static void Difference(insefirst-The tuolo int difference irst secco System.out.printin AisferencS ceJust have to p onynoheャ olton the ucahon
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