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Question: new folder jgrasp csd lava help int gender double...

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New Folder . jGRASP CSD (lava) Help int gender double maxHeartRate ; //Prompt the user for their name: 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 System.out.print (Enter your name: name -userInput.nextline() //Prompt the user for their age System.out.printEnter your age in years ) ageInYears = user1nput.next1nt(); //convert age 31 System.out.print (tyour age in minutes is System.out.println( tYour age in centuries is ouble) ageInYears 525680 minutes.); + (double) ageInYears /180 centuries.); + (d 34 35 36 /display max heant nate 37 System.out.println(Your ma heart nate s 38 İf (gender .. 1) { //calculate female MHR i else t //caclulate male MHR NHR 39 40 41 42 43 Hello3java FirstProgramjavaCourselnte My World java Compile Messages KGRA SP Messages Run VO Interactions Stop Clear Copy jGRASP exec: java cp c:NUsersWenzhe Song VDown loads \checkstyle-8.1 (4)\checkstyle-8.1lcheck starting audit [ERROR]-AgeStatistics, java: 39:24: Mast have at least one statement. [ERROR] AgeStatistics.java: 41:12: Mas t have at least one statenent. [E1ptyBlock) Audit done. Checkstyle ends with 2 errors. [EagtyBlock) · --joRASP wedge2: exit code for process is 2. jGRASP: operation complete.
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