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Question: new help solving this crossword puzzle please...

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ACROSS DOWN 3 Bacteria with a waxy coat 1 An acidic dye 2 Paper used to blot slides 4 Dye used for endospores 6 Dye used for acid fast stain 11 Adhere bacteria to the slide 12 Property produced by staining 13 Stain that distinguishes two types of 5 staining uses one basic dye 7 Decolorizer used for Gram stain 8 Survival structure 9 Dye that is positively charged 10 Mordant for Gram stain 15 Dye that is negatively charged 16 Red counterstain 19 Colored portion of a dye 21 Dye used in simple stain cells 14 Primary dye in Gram stain 17 Critical step in differential staining 18 Prepared prior to staining 20 Staining based on cell wall structure staining colors the background 23 Stain used for mycobacteria 24 Gelatinous matrix around a cell

new help solving this crossword puzzle please

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