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Question: new sales ratio of 635 units round the cm ratio...

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new sales ratio of 63:5 units. (Round the CM ratio to 1/100th O manufactures two products 1%) T Break-even analysis. The Dooley Ca The following data are projected for the coming year Baubles and Trinkets. TANKES TOrAL Units Amount Units Amount AMOUNT 10,000 $10,0008000 $10.00 $20.000 BAUBLES $ 2.000 6.000 8.000 S 5.600 7.600 3,000 9000 8,603$16.,600 1400 3400 Fixed cost. Variable cost. Total costI Operating income. $ 2000 j The break-even sales in units for Baubles,assuming that the facilities are not jointly used sales in dollars for Trinkets, assuming that the facitiles are not jointiy Required: 1) The br Continued) used.716 (3) The composite unit contribution margin, assuming that consumers purchase a (4) The break-even units for both products. assuming that consumers purchase co (5) The composite contribution margin ratio, assuming that a composite unit is defined (6) The break-even point in dollars, assuming that Baubles and Trinkets become on ase com units of four Baubles and three Trinkets units of four Baubles and three Trinkets Bauble and one Trinket. (Round to two decimal places) defined as one complements and there is no change in the companys cost function (AICPA sident ot the Jadlow GomD

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