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Question: new tab attempt159752 80 maty kubat aim to measure phasors...

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New Tab attempt-159752 80% Maty KUBAT Aim To measure phasors in a simple RC circuit and to verify Kirchoffs Current Law in the phasor domain. Do your measurements and calculations using peak to peak voltages, as they are easier to measure . Note that magntude is a peak to peak reading. Measuring Phase angle To measure the phase angle between two votages on the osciloscope period Tas shown in Figure 1 From Figure 1 we can observe the folowing relation, e we need to first measure the time delay between the peaks Δt of the two wave forms and the to first At 360 T which we can then use to solve for φ as follows At ф 360 360

Calculate the total impedance Z, of the circuit in Figure 1, when the source frequency is 1k+z nswered ut of 4,00 Internal Impedancen 50Ω 330Ω question 10Vp-p 1kHz Vi DF Figure 1 The Relevant part of the circuit is shown below 330Ω 0.47μF Vi = 10Vp-p 1kHz th respect to v, assuming V, 1040 v p-p Use Ohms law in the complex domain to calculate the magnitude and phase of the current with respect to V, assuming V, - 10-0V

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