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Question: nicole and jen are atidnyjng factors affecting fevforced exploratory volume...

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Nicole and Jen are atidnyjng factors affecting FEV(forced exploratory volume-  how much air a person can push out in a forced breath). Their investigation focuses on data from a sample of 12 patients:

Patient  height(cm) FEV(L) Luve in a smokinghousehold 
1 153 2.23 N
2 168 2.98 N
3 183 4.50 N
4 178 4.82 Y
5 185 4.32 N
6 169 3.21 N
7 173 3.69 Y
8 168 2.68 Y
9 157 2.20 Y
10 166 3.35 N
11 171 3.08 N
12 175 3.30 Y

q1 create a scatter plot of the height and FEV variables 

- independent and dependent variable 

-title labels axle break if appropriate units etc.


a. Based on your scatter plot estimate a correlation coefficient to quantity the relation between height and FEV. Put your answer into one decimal place.

b. Use key wits to describe the relationship between the height and FEV VARIABLES 

c. Jen is form America and more comfortable working with height in feet. If hen converts the height data from the cm to feet(mutlpiy by 0.0328) how will correlation coefficient that you estranged in a perk of change.explain.


the line of best fit between the HEIGHT and FEV variables can be described by:


whee F represents FEV(L) and H represent height(cm)

use this equation to predict:

a. The FEV of a patient who is 183 cm talk(Give your answer to 2 decimal point)

b. The height of a patients with a FEV of 2.651L(give your answer to the nearest whole number)


Jen and Nicole are now looking at the raltiknshil between smoking and FEV

a. Construct 2 boxplot side by side on the same graph for the FEV data broken into smoking into non smoking. The quartile statistics have been calculated and out in the table to help you:

FEV stats smoker non smoker 
1st quartile  2.44 2.98
2nd 4.26 4.32

use the statistics in this table together with information from the table at the tap of that page to construct  your boxplots

- include all label titles and other relevant information 

b. Identify at least 3 key differences or similar in the boxplot 

c. Use your observation in part b to draw conclusion about any relationship that exits between smoking and FEV


jen and Nicole have decided to expand their study to a sample of 50 patients 

list 3 factors they should consider to ensure a good representative sample of the genetic population.



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