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No. 2 (35%)-array and record Following data is the number of votes each candidate on an election. Write a program to output each candidates name, the number of votes received, and the percentage of the total votes received by the name. The data: (write into a file, named votes.dat) Candidate Votes Received 5009 4500 6533 2500 1845 Allan Johnson Bea Miller Peter Duffy Robinson Cruoso Mark Ashtony Bondita Rodriguez 3432 The output of this program consists of following information (into a table-like format): names of candidate, votes received, % of total votes, and the winner of the election at the end of line of the format above. The program consists of 1 header file (vote.h), 2 source files (main.cpp and vote.cpp). The project name: electionvote. The functions are : void read(.) - to read a data into the array, void winner(...), and please provide any functions based on your idea.

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