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. Write all answers in the blanks without showing all your work. 1. (60 points) a. If f(z) = (1+2ァ2-(1-pW3, then lim f(x) = b. If f(z) -(e+), then lim (x) c. If f(z)=뜬, then lim f(z) d. If f(x) = (cospWz e. If f() z In(1+), then lim (x) f. If f(x)-(+ + 2x), then lim /(x)-- 1/r2 , then lim h. If el21nz)1, then r- i. If y = In(e-z + ze-*), then j. If y = cot-1(iTV-pr), then = k. If f(z) = eg(z), where g(x)-Isin(n) V1+Filt, then f (1) l. If f( )-me, f() = a, f停)-b, then ft f(z)dx sin.프, f(5) = a, f(플) = b, then f z) is a function satisfying f(x

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