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Question: no questions during the exam nts a stainless steel spherical...

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NO QUESTIONS DURING THE EXAM! nts) A stainless steel spherical container, with thermal conductivity k15 W/m-K is used for stioring chemicals undergoing exothermic reaction. The reaction provides a uniform heat flux of 72kW m tod s containers inner surface. The container has an inner radius of 50 em and a wall thickness of 10 em in a surrounding with an ambient temperature of 23 C. The containers outer surface is ubjected to heat transfer with a coefficient of 1000 W/m-K. For safety reasons around the container, it is necessary to keep the containers outer surface temperature a) The heat flux from the containers outer surface. to prevent thermal burn to individuals thermal burn? b) The temperature of the outer surface. Is the surface temperature of the container sle iona eal conuction c) Express the differential equation and the boundary conditions for steady one-dimensional hel prevent through the container d) Find the the variation of the temperature in the container wall and e) the temperature of the inner surface by solving the differential equation
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