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Not 3.3.3
3.3.2 Assume that you want to use the ideal gas law (pV-nRT) with temperature in K, the nu of moles n in gmol, the pressure in lby in R for this case. (psi) and the volume in gal. Determine the gas constant 3.3.3 When a shaft is subjected to a twisting torque, the resulting angle of the twist 0is given by TL MS is in radians, T is the applied torque in N m, L is the length of the shaft in m, Mis the where θ polar moment of inertia of the shaft and S is the shear modulus of the material comprising the shaft in N m2. Determine the units of M based on dimensional consistency 3.3.4 Hoover dam, which was completed in 1935 during the Great Depression, was built to control flood waters, provide a source of irrigation water arfd generate hydroelectric power. Hoover Dam dams the Colorado River and forms Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the US based on volume of water retained. On average 4.3x10 gallons per min (gpm) are used to produce hydroelectric power and the elevation used to generate the hydroelectric energy is 180 m. The equation that relates hydroelectric power (P) to the elevation change (h) and the mass flow rate of the water (m) is wheren is the efficiency for converting potential energy into electrical energy (0.9) and g is the gravitational acceleration (9.8067 m s). Determine the average electric power generation for Hoover Dam in units of TW h y
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