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Question: not sure if this is necessary or not but heres...

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5. New York City, USA, lies on the 74°W longitude line. What national capital can be found on the 74°W line? (Hint: follow the longitude line southward) 4 6. Why is it much harder to calculate longitudinal distance than latitudinal distance? Think about the nature and characteristics of longitude lines (meridians) versus latitude lines (parallels)

Not sure if this is necessary or not, but here's a given figure:

North Pole 180 160E or +160 Longitude Lines North Pole /160. 45 45 W or-45 0 South Pole Prime Meridian Figure 2. Left: An infinite number of longitude lines can be drawn around the Earth, all running from pole to pole. Right: The Earth is viewed from directly above the north pole in this figure. Longitude lines are identified by measuring the angular distance from the prime meridian to the longitude line.

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