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Case Study Argos and E-commerce Argos is a unique retailer recognized for choice value and convenience. It sells general merchandise and products for the home from over 690 stores throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland, on-line and over the telephone. During 2007, Argos sales revenue increased 8% to £4.2 billion and it currently employs 34 000 people throughout the business. Argos serves over 130 million customers a year through its stores and accepts four million customer orders either on-line or over the telephone. It is estimated that on average, 17 million UK households, or around two thirds of the population, have an Argos catalogue at home at any time. Argos expects to add around 30 stores per annum with the chain expected to exceed 800 over time. Its Internet site is the second most visited Internet retail site in the UK. Argos is part of Home Retail Group, the UKs leading home and general merchandise retailer. It is committed to making its stores and services accessible to everyone including customers with disabilities. Argos provides the visually impaired with an audio CD version of its services, featuring many of the products in the catalogue, which is available by ringing a dedicated number. Argos is keen to show that it cares for the environment and is taking such responsibilities seriously. All Argos catalogues and flyers can be recycled! Many local authorities provide kerbside collection schemes for old newspapers and catalogues. Old Argos catalogues are particularly sought after by newspaper print manufacturers as they help to improve the quality of the recycled paper in newsprint. Argos also aims to reduce carrier bag usage by 25% by encouraging customers

Note : Kindly dont copy and Paste , Each answer at least should be 150 - 200 words

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