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NOTE: For all the problems here, and from now on, well use the common terminology for K. Namely, well use Ka-Kn (WIL) for n-MOSFETs and Kp-Kp(W/L) for p-MOSFETs. K,-μ.cox and Kp,-HoCox. 1) For the CMOS inverter circuit shown below, assume the following: K- Kp, Ln Lp 1um, and VTP/ VIN VT. Lets define the threshold as the point (v- VTH) in the vo versus vi transfer c urve where vo- VDD/2 M1 a) Sketch the inverter transfer curve and mark the VTH point. b) Find an expression for the inverter threshold voltage V in terms of VoD, Vr, W and c) IfW- Wp, what is VTH In what mode of operation are M1 and M2 when Vi VTH? d) Now assume Vie) = 5V. Fill in VTH in the tables below for the cases when Pr= 0V and when VT= 1 V 4 16 1 16 4 16 1 4 16

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