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Question: note i am unclear what quot85 of chemical c by...

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Balanced Equation A +B->20C Vapor Stream 40 moles A 60 moles B REACTOR P 1.01325 bar x1 (mol/mol of C) x2-1-x1 (mol/mol of B) T 298K n1 (moles of C) n2 (moles of B) Liquid Stream The reaction occurs to completion within the Reactor. The stream leaving the reactor is then heated at a pressure of 1.01325 to a temperature of T If the target vapor stream is meant to be about 85% of chemical C, by moles, solve for the variables in the diagram using Raoults Law and Antoines Equation. Use the following constants for Antonines Equation for simplicity sake. The units for Antoines are Kelvin, and Bar x3 (mol/mol of C) x4-1-x3 (mol/mol of B) Chemical A: 3.92 Chemical B Chemical C 4.05 1069 1270 1169 39.9 56.0 49.0 4.03

Note: I am unclear what "85% of chemical C, by moles" means. I believe it means x1 = 0.85 but I would ask for some clarity.

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