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Question: note this is similar to problem 15 done in lecture...

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NOTE: This is similar to Problem 1.5 done in lecture.] (a.) Do Problem 1.9 on page 23 of Heizer and Render BY HAND. (b.) Do Problem 1.9 on page 22 using POM software and check your answers found in part (a.) above by hand. Provide ONE PAGE printout of your output using POM software with YOUR NAME & Problem 1.9 in Title Bar. 1.9 Browns, a local bakery, is worried about increased costs-particularly energy. Last years records can provide a fairly good estimate of the parameters for this year. Wende Brown, the owner, does not believe things have changed much, but she did invest an additional $3,000 for modifications to the bakerys ovens to make them more energy efficient. The modifi- cations were supposed to make the ovens at least 5% more effi- cient. Brown has asked you to check the energy savings of the new ovens and also to look over other measures of the bakerys productivity to see if the modifications were beneficial. You have the following data to work with: LAST YEAR NOW 1,500 325 18,000 1,500 350 15,000 3,000 Production (dozen) Labor (hours) Capital investment (S) Energy (BTU) 2,750 Px

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