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Note: This problem is for the 2018 tax year.

Lance H. and Wanda B. Dean are married and live at 431 Yucca Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87501. Lance works for the convention bureau of the local Chamber of Commerce, while Wanda is employed part-time as a paralegal for a law firm.

During 2018, the Deans had the following receipts:

Salaries ($60,000 for Lance, $41,000 for Wanda) $101,000
Interest income—
   City of Albuquerque general purpose bonds $1,000
   Ford Motor company bonds 1,100
   Ally Bank certificate of deposit 400 2,500
Child support payments from John Allen 7,200
Annual gifts from parents 26,000
Settlement from Roadrunner Touring Company 90,000
Lottery winnings 600
Federal income tax refund (for tax year 2017) 400

Wanda was previously married to John Allen. When they divorced several years ago, Wanda was awarded custody of their two children, Penny and Kyle. (Note: Wanda has never issued a Form 8332 waiver.) Under the divorce decree, John was obligated to pay alimony and child support—the alimony payments were to terminate if Wanda remarried.

In July, while going to lunch in downtown Santa Fe, Wanda was injured by a tour bus. As the driver was clearly at fault, the owner of the bus, Roadrunner Touring Company, paid her medical expenses (including a one-week stay in a hospital). To avoid a lawsuit, Roadrunner also transferred $90,000 to her in settlement of the personal injuries she sustained.

The Deans had the following expenditures for 2018:

Medical expenses (not covered by insurance) $7,200
   Property taxes on personal residence $3,600
   State of New Mexico income tax (includes amount withheld
       from wages during 2018) 4,200 7,800
Interest on home mortgage (First National Bank) 6,000
Charitable contributions 3,600
Life insurance premiums (policy on Lance's life) 1,200
Contribution to traditional IRA (on Wanda's behalf) 5,000
Traffic fines 300
Contribution to the reelection campaign fund of the mayor of Santa Fe 500
Funeral expenses for Wayne Boyle 6,300

The life insurance policy was taken out by Lance several years ago and designates Wanda as the beneficiary. As a part-time employee, Wanda is excluded from coverage under her employer's pension plan. Consequently, she provides for her own retirement with a traditional IRA obtained at a local trust company. Because the mayor is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, Lance felt compelled to make the political contribution.

The Deans' household includes the following, for whom they provide more than half of the support:

Social Security Number Birth Date
Lance Dean (age 42) 123-45-6786 12/16/1976
Wanda Dean (age 40) 123-45-6787 08/08/1978
Penny Allen (age 19) 123-45-6788 10/09/1999
Kyle Allen (age 16) 123-45-6789 05/03/2002
Wayne Boyle (age 75) 123-45-6785 06/15/1943

Penny graduated from high school on May 9, 2018, and is undecided about college. During 2018, she earned $8,500 (placed in a savings account) playing a harp in the lobby of a local hotel. Wayne is Wanda's widower father who died on January 20, 2018. For the past few years, Wayne qualified as a dependent of the Deans.

Federal income tax withheld is $4,200 (Lance) and $2,100 (Wanda). The proper amount of Social Security and Medicare tax was withheld.


Determine the Federal income tax for 2018 for the Deans on a joint return by providing the following information that would appear on Form 1040 and Schedule A. They do not want to contribute to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund. All members of the family had health care coverage for all of 2018. If an overpayment results, it is to be refunded to them.

Make realistic assumptions about any missing data.

Enter all amounts as positive numbers.

If an amount box does not require an entry or the answer is zero, enter "0".

When computing the tax liability, do not round your immediate calculations. If required round your final answers to the nearest dollar.

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