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Now2lOnline teachii G The Cost Of Materials lansfern) × + Im/takeAssignment/takeAssignmentMain.do?invoker assignmentsEtakeAssignmentsessionlocator -assig nment-take&inprogress -false eBook Show Me How Caluator Process Cost Journal Entries cost of materials transferred into the Rolling Department of Keystone Steel Company is 5579,200 from the Casting Department. The conversion cast for the period in the Rolling Department is $113,000 Goods for the period was $628,600. The Rolling Department had a beoinoing inventory of $22,500 $69,700 factory overhead applied and $43,300 direct labor). The total cost transferred to Finished al. Journalize the cost of transferred-in materials a2. Journalize the conversion costs. If an amount bax does not require an entry leave it blank a3. Journalize the coats transferred cout to Finished Goods e end o, tre pence b. Cetermine the balance of workin:rcces-Falrg at 3 PM

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