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NRES 488 Spring, 2019 Problem Set No. 1 (Due Wednesday, January 30. SHOW YOUR WORK. Soil testing 1aboratories usually estimate cation-exchange capacity as the sum of Ca?, Mg, and K displaced during extractions with (CEC) neutral, 1 N ammonium acetate (NH OAc), which are performed primarily to test for available K. The fol1owing data were thereby obtained for three contrasting soils, but have been reported as pounds per acre for each of the three elements, assuming the conventional weight of 2 million pounds for an acre of soil 6 inches deep. SoilA Soil B Soil C Са 1043 108 202 4004 Mg 381 K* 11210 1734 2013 1108 1. Convert each of the values reported to milliequivalents per 100 grams 2. Calculate the CEC of each soil, assuming the complete absence of other 3. If the three soils are a sand, a sandy loam, and a clay loam, identify (meq/100 g) cations. Express your answers in meq/100 g. w these textures correspond to soils A, B, and C in the above table
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