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nt Figure 1 Cross-section of a pn diode a. The cross-section of a pn diode is shown in Fgure 1 L. Starting with a p-type silicon wafer, describe the process sequence (in the left column) and sketch the cross-sections of the structure after each lithography step (in the right column). (10 marks) The pn diode structure in Figure 1 has no electrical isolation with neighboring devices. Electrical isolation can be implemented by fabricating the diode with a p-well. Describe the changes to your process sequence of part () such that you can implement this new structure. Note that the starting silicon wafer now is n-type (6 marks) . Based on the complete CMOS fabrication technology, construct the corresponding cross- section for an n-well CMOS inverter and top-view of hypothetical set of six masks. State your conclusion based on the diagram 4 marks)

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