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Number 1国0DE HW4.pdf. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 檔案(F) 編輯(E) 檢視 視窗(W) 說6月(H) 首頁 工具 hw5.pdf 曲榧#1 648] [Intr ODE HW4.pdf X ②登入 Abstract final repor... xLaplace_Table.pdf ODE HW 3.pdf 山共用 I. f(t) 2t-32 t<3 and fit+4)=fit) 2 Find the Fourier series expansion by the method of alternatives (or alternative integration-by-part). Write explicitly the coefficients ao al, a2, b1, b2 in the expansion 0 2. f(t) = and f(t + 2π) = f(t) sint 0s1<π ind the Store O Type here to search ^ q, ENG 17:16 05/01/2019

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