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ENGR 355 - Strengths Homework 1 Due 1/21/2019 Two horizontal 5-kip forces are applied to pin B of the assembly shown. Knowing that a pin of 0.8 inch diameter is used at each connection, determine the maximum value of the normal stress in link AB and the average shearing stress in the pin at A 1.5 in. 1.8 i 5 kips 0.5 in 45 18 in. 2. Each of the steel links AB and CD is connected to a support and to member BCE by 0.75 diameter steel pins acting in single shear. The ultimate shear strength of the pins is 22-ksi and that the ultimate tensile strength is 60-ksi for the stcel links. Do not consider bearing failure. Determine the allowable load P if an overall factor of safety of 2 is desired. in. /2 in. 14 in20 in. 3. The lap joint below is connected by three 15 mm diamcter rivets. Assuming that the axial load, P 45 kN is distributed equally among all three rivets, find (a) the shear stress in a rivet; (b) the average stress in the gross section of the plate; and (c) the maximum average tensile stress in the plate at the connection. 130 mm 25 mm 25 mm

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