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Or whic 1) Let P represent 17 is prime, let Q represent 15 is prime, and let R represent 13 is prime. Write the following statement in symbolic notation. Then determine if the statement is true or false: If 17 is prime and 13 is composite, then 17 is composite or 15 is prime. 2) Truth tables!! Hooray!! Write down the truth table for the following. Make a note if the expression is a tautology or a contradiction. 0 3) Prove the following logical equivalence WITHOUT using truth tables. You may use the rules from Section 2.9 and any of the extra rules presented in class. 4) Define the open statements P(A) and Q(4) as P(A): AS 11,2,3) Q(A): AS (2,3,4) Let S- P(11,2,3,4]). a) Determine all A e S such that P(A) Л~Q(A) is true. b) Determine all A S such that P(A) Л Q(A) is true c) Determine all A E S such that P(A) Q(A) is true. statfment of a famous conjecture in number theory. It was proved anumber 1 please

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