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CHE 2033 Homework #2 (Due February 01 2019) 1. Crude oil is flowing at a constant rate filling the circular storage tank to a height of h 2m in 5 minutes. See the figure for details. State whether the process is steady state or unsteady state. Is it a batch, continuous or a semi-batch process? Determine the average velocity of the flow from the 0.2-m-diameter pipe at A. If the tank height is 4 m, how long does it take to fill the tank? 2, A lacquer plant needs to deliver 1000 lb of 8% nitrocellulose solution. There is a 55% stock solution and pure dry nitrocellulose. a) Draw a schematic of the process, labeling all the knowns. b) Perform a degree of freedom analysis c) How much dry nitrocellulose needs to be dissolved to obtain the required product?
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