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Number 11
d. 20 inches in 15 hours is equal to 16 inches in es in e. 32 cents for 8 ounces is equal tocents fh iser are traveling 10kl for rtion. ou 10. If you are traveling 100 kilometers per hour fast are you traveling in mph? For this exerc 50 mph 80 kph (kilometers per hour). (The exact equivalent is 8.4672 kph) 11. Which of the following is the better buy? 67 cents for 58 ounces or 17 cents for 15 ou b. 29 ounces for 13 cents or 56 ounces for 27 cen c. 17 ounces for 23 cents, 25 ounces for 34 cents, or ounces 73 ounces for 96 cents b. If the teacher-pupil ratio remains at 1:35 and if the cost to the district for one teacher is $33,000 per year, how much will be spent
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