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Number 14
exponent 12. Ektend the meaning of a whole-number numbers is sug- n factors where a is any integer. Use this definition to find the fol- lowing values. a. 24 d. -3(-7-6) d a e 0, which of the following expres- stons are always positive and which are always negative? and red chips 13. If a is an integer an b.-a c. a a. a oper- tion that 3(4) is quations. 14. Write each of the following as a fraction without exponents. b.43 c. 26d. 5-3 a. 10-2 15. a. Simplify 4-2.46 by expressing it in terms of whole-num- ber exponents and simplifying. b. Simplify 4-2-46 by applying am, an = am+n. c. Repeat parts a and b to simplify 54.5 d. Does it appear that the property a. an =am+ n still erse applies for integer exponents? 3-2 16. a. Simplify by expressing it in terms of whole-number exponents and simplifying.
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