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Question: number 4 only i think the answer is yes but...

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Number 4 only. I think the answer is yes but I’m having trouble explaining why.
Done 1 of 3 B Identify all factors, factor levels, and factor-level combinations. C What type of study design is being implemented here? 3 Consider a one-way ANOVA setup with three levels of an experimental factor, and with sample size n 15 Use R to obtain a randomization of treatments to experimental units, in such a way that someone else could duplicate your particular random assignment. Include your R code and output in your answer 4 (KNNL5 Problem 16.2) A market researcher, having collected data on breakfast cereal expenditures by families with one, two, three, four, or five children living at home, plans to use an ordinary regression model to estimate the mean expenditures at each of these five family size levels. However, the researcher is undecided between fitting a linear or a quadratic regression model, and the data do not give clear evidence in favor of one model or the other. A colleague suggests: Fo ANOVA mode. Is this a useful suggestion? Explain. r your purposes, you might simply use an 西
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