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Question: number 4 please show detailed work in clear handwriting...

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4) A patient is learning to use a wheelchair for the first time, and you are interested in how efficiently he is able to propel himself. On his first day in the wheel chair, you recorded the forces that he applied to the right wheel each time he pushed on the wheel to propel himself down the hall. Two weeks later, you recorded the forces again. Below are illustrations of the averages of these forces for each session. Assuming that the magnitude of the average push force was the same for each session (ie. 140N), how much propulsive torque was generated by each push? (Assume the radius of the wheel is 0.25m, make sure the direction of your torque is correct) Session 2 Session 1 F-140, 0-32.2 F-140N, e 49.80 In lab 2, you were asked to calculate the location of your center of mass from the bottom of your feet toward vour head while lying on a board. Below, I have drawn out the free body diagram for problem. Please derive this tatic torque equation from the diagram, beginning with the fact that the torques about the end of the b nt side) must add up to zero, and then solve for the location of the center of mass using the following ght of the board: 140N, length of the board: 2m mass kg, scale reading: data

Number 4.) please show detailed work in clear handwriting.

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