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the outlet water temperature uhe perature if the air velocity is 40 ft/s and the water velocity is 40 ttis. (dybic tions of (a), (b), and (c). T, 50°F). water. Neglect the thermal resistance of the pipe. 8. A double-pipe heat exchanger with the dimensions shown in Fig. P2-9 is used to heat team at 250 F is condensing on the outside with an h, 2,500 Btu/ft-hr-F. eam is available. If the water flow rate is 3 fus, find the outlet temperature of the -Steam Water- 3 10 FIGURE P2-9 n unknewn fluid to air through an aluminum wall. It is pro- ang he added to the surface to in- 1 mm thick and

Number 9 please!

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