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Number Conversions problems on paper and submit to your lab TA. Shor all work for full credit! 1. (2 pts) Convert (1111001)2 into base 10. 2. (2 pts) Check your answer for the previous problem by converting it back into base 2. 3. ( pt) Convert (A3F6)he into base 2 using the shorteut that we discusced. Basic Java Programs If you havent already, walle through the instructions in the Software Setup Guide posted on eCourseware to make sure that the JDK and Sublime Text are installed on your computer If you dont already have a 1900 folder on your desktop, create one. Within the 1900 folder on your desk- top, create a new folder named Lab1LastnameFiratname. (Obviously, replace Lastnane and Pirstnane with your own :) All your files for this lab should be saved in this Lab1 folder. (2 pts) Printing Things 1. Within your Lab1 folder, create and save a new source code file named FavoriteQuotes. java. 2. Write the class header and main method, the same way weve done it in lecture. Remember that Java requires the class name to match the file name, so your class name should be Favoritequotes. (Refer to the posted sample code from lecture if you need a refresher on how to write this!) 3. Within your main method, write the code needed to display two of your favorite quotes, within double quotation marks. Each quote should be followed by a line showing who said it. Skip one line between the two quotes. For example, your programs output might look something like this: Do. Or do not. There is no try. - Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die - Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride
uie to aet into the habit of uning copeistest indentation throughout your code. This wil make vour ife much ewsler once you start writing more 4 Compile and run the run the prograns to ensure is worls. (tefer to the Software Setup Guide for how to compille and run a program from the commsand tine.) (3 pls) Reading User Input Good news customer base, you decide t everyone! Youve Just started a new Iaternet service provider. In an effort to build your o heavily undereut your local competitons lilke Comcast nnd ATET. You come up with the following monthly pricing scheme: - There is a base fee of $10 per month for your service. This bose fee applies even if the customer transfers no data o Each gigabyte of data transfer is charged at the rate of $0.06, on top of the base fee. in your Labt folder, write a program named ISPPrice.java that auks the uper to enter how mARy an example of what your completed program might look like when you run it. Underlined parts Labl folder, write a used and shows the amount of the bill. Your program sbould support fractional gigabytes indicate what you type in as the program is running Bow many GB did you use this month? 174.5 Your bil1 this aonth is $20.47 Submission Make sure that your Labi folder contains all your java files from this assignment. Zip the Lab1 folder and submit that zip file to the appropriate dropbox folder in your eCourseware lab section. Ask your las submit future labs as zip files too). ifoe nof sure how to create a sip sle (aad note the information for lateo you
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