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pages toal inchuding this cover page. Total Marks: 78 Multiple Choice (23 marks) 1) d Which of the following will run a program called questionl. (a) javac question (b) java question 1. java (c) javac question 1.java java questionl 2) CWhat is the output from this code snippet? System.out.print (The product s ); System.out.println (2+ 9); (a) The product is 18 (b) The product is 29 ef The product is 11 (d) The product is 2*9 3) dWhich of the following expressions represents a legal way of check variable is either less than 100 or more than 200? (a) if (num<100&&num > 200) (b) if (num <= 100 && num >= 200) (c)if (num if (nu.
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