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Numeric entry So far, you have been introduced to multiple-choice and true/false questions. In another type of question, you will be asked to fill in a blank field by entering a numeric answer. These numeric entry fields can appear within a variety of settings, such as the body of a paragraph or a table. Complete the following statement to see numeric entry in action. The sum of 1,400 and 3,800 is Can I enter negative numbers and decimals? In the previous example, the numeric entry field automatically formatted your entry after you entered a value and exited the field. In some cases, however, youll need to enter a minus sign to represent a negative number, or a decimal to represent a noninteger Complete the following table to see how decimals and negative numbers work 1,928.7 3,857.4 2,400.0 -2,800.0 How do I know if I got the answer right? Once you have submitted your answers for an entire problem, your individual answers will be marked either correct with a green check or incorrect with a red X. At this point, you may select the entry field to reveal the correct answer; selecting it again will hide the correct answer True or False: The correct answer to a numeric entry field will appear only if you click on the fields themselves after selecting Grade It Now. O True FalseIs entering 20,000,000 the same as entering 20 million? Pay careful attention to the instructions given in the problem for how to enter your answer. For example, if a question specifies that you give your answer in millions, you would represent the value 12,000,000 by entering 12. This may be indicated by the units of a header in a table, or alongside the field in a paragraph. Complete the following table to demonstrate your understanding of units in table headers. A + B (Millions) 1,000,000 800,000 900,000 700,000 What if my answer doesnt fit in the space Im given? If you find yourself trying to enter a number that the field does not allow (either because there is not enough space or because it does not accept decimal values), reread the instructions to make sure you are entering the number in the correct format. Complete the following statement to demonstrate your understanding of in-line units. The sum of 1,000,000 and 800,000 is million What about currency? You do not need to enter the symbols for currency. For example, if you enter 12000000 into a numeric entry cell that deals with currency and then select out of the numeric entry field, it may appear as $12,000,000.00 or $12,000,000, depending on the type of value the question requires. You may need to enter decimals as well Complete the following statement to see how currency works. If you start out with $3.05 and find an additional $5.05 in your pocket, you will have a total of $What about percentages? As with the currency symbol, if a percentage symbol is required, it will automatically appear alongside your numeric entry after you exit the numeric entry cell. For example, if the correct answer to a question is 70%, simply enter the number 70. After leaving the numeric entry cell, that number will appear as 70%. (Note: Although 70% can also be represented as 0.7, if you were to enter 0.7 into a field that automatically converts to percentages, this would be formatted as 0.70% and would be graded as incorrect, because 0.70% is not equal to 70%.) Complete the following statement to see how percentages work. As a percentage, $26.00 is equal to %) of $40.00

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