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Question: observation capuchins rub their fur with leaves capuchin monkeys live...

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Observation: Capuchins rub their fur with leaves.
Capuchin monkeys live in central and south America. They live in social groups and they are noteworthy for their intelligence, specifically their tool use and social learning. They are omnivores, and feed on a vast range of foods. One seemingly peculiar behavior is leaf rubbing - Capuchin monkeys sometimes rub themselves with leaves from specific plant species.

Use the above observation to answer each of the following sections.

1) Asking a question.Questions can be general, and potentially answered with hypotheses at two or even all four of the levels of analysis. Questions can also be more specific and very clearly intended to be addressed with hypotheses at only a single level.  An example of a general question about the above observation that is addressable by hypotheses at all four levels is simply: “Why do capuchin monkeys rub leaves on themselves?” We would like you to write a question that reflects only one of Tinbergen’s four questions and that directly relates to some aspect of the behavioral observation provided above. Let’s start by looking at some example questions. Your first job is to identify which of Tinbergen’s questions (level of analysis) each of these relate to (Proximate Causal/Mechanistic; Proximate Developmental; Ultimate Fitness; Ultimate History).

What benefit do the monkeys get from leaf rubbing?
a)   Level of analysis: (answer all of these on the answer sheet provided on last page)

Which other monkey species also do this type of behavior?
b)   Level of analysis:

How do juveniles acquire this behavior?
c)   Level of analysis:

How do capuchins identify which plant to use?
d)   Level of analysis:

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