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Ocean Motion Quiz at the left, write the letter of the term or Directions: In the blank completes each statement or answers the 1. Orean currents are caused by water density B, wind C tides D precipitation 一一2. The top ofa wave is the A. trough B. wave height C wavelength D. crest are movements in which water alternately rises and falls. A. waves B. currents C. crests D. upwellings 4. The interaction of gravity in the Earth-moon system causes A. the seasons B. Earth to tilt on its axis C. the tides D. day and night 5 When the sun, the moon, and the Earth line up and there this is called thetide. are higher than usual high tides A. neap B. spring C. high D. low 6. When a wave moves forward A. the water moves forward with it. B. only the energy moves forward. C. the wave height never changes. D. the direction of the wave changes _7. What percentage of the Earths surface is covered with salt water? A.5% B. 25% C. 70% D, 100%
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