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of the Boty b e nalo body cavities Body Cavities of the encloses the the brain, and the vity houses cond (fig. 2.6). These cavities are cnsed in the or to the diaphragm hous- contains the The mediastinum ing the longs and mediastinom. heart, the pleura is outside from it by the pleural cavity. elvic cavity is inferior to the diaphragm and is sub lungs are the pleura and pleural cavities. The visceral pleura is close to the lung, and the parietal These cavities are divided into the lined with serous membranes that secrete a lubricating fluid Regions of the Body Overview Examine fig. 2.7 for specific areas of the body. You will refer to these areas throughout this lab these regions here thestn maal usage, the arm is the region between manual, so a complete study of these regions on a is essential. Locate model in lab. the shoulder and the elbow, and the leg is the region knee and the ankle. between the Examine a mascle model in lab, and name the region where the following muscles are foand. You can find these muscles in figs. 12.1, 12.3, 125, 13.1, 13.3, 13.6, and 14.1 in the exercises on muscles in this lab manual. Fill these in at the end of this exercise as well PIQURE 24 Sectioning Planes organs Examine fig. 24 for the folliowing sectioning planes. A cut that divides the body or organ isto superior and inferior parts is in Pectoralis major the tramverse (horlzontal) plane. A cut that divides the body into anterior and posterior portions is in the froatal (coronal) plane. A Trapezius cut dhat divides the body into left and right portions is in the sagital plane. A cut that divides the body or organ equally into left and nght halves is in the median (midagittal) plane, while one thatdi. θ External oblique (front) vides the body into ungual left and right parts is in the parasagittal plane. Exsmine fig. 25 for examples of sectioning planes Rectus femoris FIGURE 2.5 Planes of Sectioning a) Treneverse section b) Frontal section ) Median section
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