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Question: on april 1 the price of gas at bobs corner...

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On April 1, the price of gas at Bobs Corner Station was $3.50 per gallon. On May 1, the price was $4.00 per gallon. On June 1, it was back down to $3.50 per gallon Between April 1 and May 1, Bobs price increased by or Between May 1 and June 1, Bobs price decreased byor Suppose that at a gas station across the street, prices are always 20% higher than Bobs. In absolute dollar terms, the difference between Bobs prices and the prices across the street is when gas costs $4.00an when gas costs $3.50. Some economists blame high commodity prices (including the price of gas) on interest rates being too low. Suppose the Fed raises the target for the federal funds rate from 2% to 2.75%. This change of raised its target by approximately percentage points means that the Fed Grade It Now Save & Continue Continue without saving

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